DLT functions moving to DIT and OPA

The information below is an excerpt (p. 19) from the DLT Final Change Plan released in November 2019.

System development and system support will no longer be carried out by DLT. These functions will be transferred to the Division of Information Technology (DIT) or, in the case of Blackboard Analytics for Learn, to the Office of Planning and Analytics (OPA).

Responsibility for the following systems will be transferred to DIT:
• Assist
• Blackboard Learn
• Blackboard Grade Centre
• CoursEval (Evals)
• Service Response System (SRS)
• Cherwell (not yet replacing SRS)
• Realize IT
• Smart Sparrow
• EASTS Print Process (managed by CSU Print with LTU technical support)
• EASTS Print Application (to create print ready files)
• Logistics interfaces (dispatch & print processes related to course & subject delivery)
• Pyramid Analytics BI Office
• Turnitin
• Pebble Pad
• h5p
• Textbooks
• Subject Outlines
• Adobe Connect
• InPlace
• Padlet
• Course Space
• Campus Press (ThinkSpace)
• uImagine WordPress and other related websites (including Learning Space Portal);

including the following defunct systems:
• Sakai
• Online Moderation

Responsibility for the following system will be transferred to OPA:
• Blackboard Analytics for Learn (including Pyramid Analytics BI Office)