The Global School – Education in the Time of Digitisation

THE GLOBAL SCHOOL – Education in the Time of Digitisation, by Mike Douse and Philip Uys. This first book from Philip is self-published by the authors, with Mike Douse as the major contributor.

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The book champions the notion of education and learning as being ends in themselves without the overlying burden of economic and work considerations. It explores the options available in the truly connected world of the digital age to enable learners from the far corners of the globe to study in ways that engage and delight.

QUOTE (p. 18) The question used to be: “What will you do when you grow up?” The question now is: “What will you do when the robots grow up?” And, in the robot era, tertiary institutions will still need to hone the skills that ‘keep us human’ and are harder to automate, such as critical thinking, curiosity and judgement.

Contributed by Ellen McIntyre, DLT News, Division of Learning and Teaching.