Ecotour Guiding: the keys to success

The Division of Teaching and Learning now has a second on-line taster course on ecotourism.

The new course is: Ecotour  Guiding: the keys to success

Lady paddling the kayak in the calm tropical bay

Ecotour guides help visitors enjoy and learn about the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of an environment while conserving the nature and beauty of those sites. While ecotour guides have much in common with regular tour guides or adventure tour guides, the emphasis is on helping tourists appreciate animals and nature they encounter. 

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The first taster is: Introduction to ecotourism.

Explores the concepts and principles underpinning ecotourism and what it means to run an ecotourism enterprise. It has 1823 students enrolled from countries across the globe including Turkey, Canada, Malaysia, India, Tunisia, Somalia, Venezula, and Peru.


Contributed by Jonathon Howard, Graduate Learning Outcome Advisor in Sustainable Practices, Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching.