MOOC proves popular with CSU staff

The MOOC Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching was successfully offered to CSU staff in 2018. It supports the commitment of the Learning Academy in DLT to provide ongoing professional development opportunities to staff members at CSU. The MOOC has been well received by staff members who are new to teaching and those who are returning to teaching careers after a break. Around 30 staff members took advantage of the opportunity and enrolled in the MOOC in 2018.  

The MOOC also serves as a pathway to the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Staff who complete the MOOC and the associated assessment are entitled to obtain 4-point or 8-point credit towards the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Read this testimonial from an Accountant teaching in Higher Education for the first time:

As a new lecturer I gained relevant insight into how to prepare for my first lesson.  The sequence of modules is staged to follow a new teacher’s needs as they progress through the semester.  As an example of the relevance of the material, the first module compelled me to go and visit the class room to ensure that I understood the layout of the room and the IT facilities.   Without this trip my first lesson would have been an IT disaster!

The module material is presented in an easy to access manner and can be completed at your convenience. You are supported along the way by Dr Sheeja Samuel from Division of Learning and Teaching who has been a great help and support.  I have no doubt that this course will having you thinking about your approach to teaching and if you are new to teaching – consider it a must complete.

For further details and enrolment for 2019, contact Sheeja Samuel or Kellie Smyth

Contributed by Dr Sheeja Samuel, Lecturer, Assessment Quality, Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching.