Graduate Learning Outcomes and the Subject Outline

In the latest template for the Subject Outline, you can choose to select relevant Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) that students will be working towards meeting in an assessment task.

By the end of the course, graduates should be able to show how the knowledge and skills of each outcome are demonstrated in practice. Building from first year, each subsequent year level of the degree should preferably be able to show development of the skills and knowledge to the final year capacity of the graduate ready for professional practice.

So, choosing which GLOs are applicable to your assessment task should be considered in light of the assessment design for the course. DLT recommends that no more than 3-5 (maximum) graduate learning outcomes be selected for each subject, so consider your tasks carefully when deciding which GLO(s) is the focus for your subject and assessment tasks.

Information about GLOs and assessment design can be found here.

Written by Bruce Stenlake, GLO Manager ( and Deb Murdoch. Lecturer, Assessment and Quality (, Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching.