Port Macquarie Teaching Workshop

The Learning Academy travelled to Port Macquarie in February to partner with local academics and run a series of workshops focused on helping teaching staff to improve their teaching and give their students a quality learning experience. 

The Port Macquarie Teaching Workshop was two days of interactive presentations.  It included subjects on aligning Graduate Learning Outcomes in subject outlines and teaching, using the learning spaces in Port Macquarie effectively, creating and editing engaging videos with your smartphone, engaging in teaching scholarship, and induction support for new staff

Port Macquarie academics generously gave their time to showcase their own innovative teaching practices.  This included playing with Lego, creating web games, and confessions of lost love!  Each event was invaluable for new and experienced staff and provided rich insights into active learning strategies and creative uses for learning technologies. 

The participants appreciated the opportunity to get to know their colleagues, the campus, and some exciting teaching strategies.   

The Learning Academy will be partnering with academics on other campuses to run more Teaching Workshops next session.

Contributed by Kellie Smyth, Academic – Professional Learning Lead, Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching.