Learning Space Strategy

A Learning Space Strategy document has been created to assist with development of learning spaces at CSU that encourage and provide a range of learning, research and teaching activities. These activities are guided by the Educational Space Planning Principles that have an emphasis on active, blended learning, research and positive student experiences, and outcomes.

The strategy outlines the design which is driven by effective pedagogical use of new and refurbished learning spaces at CSU by using a set of five principles. The Principles are expected to guide and justify choices in relation to learning space design and effective utilisation. 

The 5 Educational Space Planning Principles are:

  1.  Identity
  2. User Experience
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Embedded Spatial Literacy
  5. Future-Proofing

The strategy aligns with the CSU Strategy and Values (University, 2019).  It incorporates three focus areas:

  • Our Students: Successful Graduates
  • Our Communities: Vibrant Regional Communities
  • Our Internal Capability: Strong University 

Contributed by Phillip Hua and Rachel Stewart-Allan, Learning Technologies Unit, Division of Learning and Teaching