The quality of ongoing work in DLT

Congratulations to DLT Staff from Acting PVC Learning & Teaching, Professor Barney Dalgarno.

I’d like to acknowledge some significant achievements and milestones in our DLT work over recent months. I’ve been really impressed with the commitment shown by DLT staff over recent months to providing quality service to our stakeholders and to working collaboratively to achieve quality learning experiences for students.

The following are just some examples of the excellent ongoing work I have become aware of:

  • Completion of a record number of Course Reviews in time for the May Faculty Courses Committee meetings in the three faculties (CD Leads and design teams in the LDU)
  • Release of the new DLT News site, available at (Ellen McIntyre in the LA supported by a wide range of article contributors across the Division)
  • Substantial enhancements and quality refinements to the professional development resources within the DLT website (led by Karen Stanley in the LA)
  • Large scale subject redevelopment project in Creative Industries as part of implementing the new Course (design and development staff in the LOU, LDU and LRU)
  • Development and piloting of the QUASAR system (Led by Sam Parker in the LTU with support from a team of developers and also from Kerrilyn Toal as Business Analyst and Deb Murdoch)
  • Complex task of migrating Blackboard to a cloud based SaaS platform and keeping it running smoothly despite some major system challenges (Dawn Calvert and Matthew Hardinge)
  • Development of a huge array of online modules incorporating over 50 videos as part of the UDRH project (LOU team led by Val Peachey)
  • Presentation of a multitude of professional development workshops and innovation awareness sessions (Coordinated by Karen Stanley but delivered by staff across the Division)
  • Complex task of refining DLT’s budgeting and account management processes (Leanne Tucker and Deb Thackray)
  • Preparation for the launch of Video Works (Janene Wright and the team in the LRU)
  • Supporting CSU’s important China partnerships through the development of tailored resources accessible to students impacted by Chinese firewalls (ESCs in the LRU)
  • Developing and piloting of a new Learning Spaces Portal (Phillip Hua and Rachel Stewart Allen in the LTU)
  • Project managing the DLT review consultation and structural design process and supporting communication to DLT and external stakeholders (Katherine Bell)
  • Reviewing the Subject Experience Survey instrument and associated systems and processes (led by Cass Colvin of ALTS in the LTU).    

Glossary of Acronyms

ALTS – Adaptive Learning and Teaching Services
CD – Course Design
CSU – Charles Sturt University
DLT – Division of Learning and Teaching
ESC – Education Support Coordinators
LA – Learning Academy
LDU – Learning Design Unit
LOU – Learning Online Unit
LRU – Learning Resources Unit
LTU – Learning Technologies Unit
QUASAR – Quality Assurance and Reflection System
UDRH – (The Three Rivers) University Department of Rural Health

Image by Petra Reuter from Pixabay