DLT Publications and Presentations, June 2019

Division of Learning and Teaching staff regularly publish scholarly articles and present their work at seminars and conferences. We are pleased to acknowledge current works that are brought to our attention.

Paper in refereed conference proceedings: Uys, P.M. (2019, June). Educational Technology for Active Connections in Blended Learning Environments. Proceedings of the 2019 EDEN (European Distance Education Network) Annual Conference, 16‐19 June 2019, Bruges, Belgium. Available https://www.slideshare.net/puys. (Philip Uys, Director Learning Technologies Unit, DLT).

Invited Keynote: Uys, P.M. (2019, June). Synchronisations, Synergies and Systems: Key Considerations for a Mature Ed Tech Future. Keynote at FeedbackFruits Inspiration Day – Moving to Stability and Maturity, Erasmus University Rotterdam Education Lab, Netherlands. Available https://www.slideshare.net/puys (Philip Uys, Director Learning Technologies Unit, DLT).

Wood, D., Auhl, G., & McCarthy, S. (2019). Accreditation and quality in higher education curriculum design: does the tail wag the dog? Paper accepted for presentation at the 5th International Conference on Higher Education Advances, Valencia, Spain, 25-28 June (Course Design Leads in DLT: Denise Wood, Greg Auhl, Sally McCarthy, Learning Design Unit, DLT).