DLT Publications and Presentations, Sept. 2019

Division of Learning and Teaching staff regularly publish scholarly articles and present their work at seminars and conferences. We are pleased to acknowledge current works that are brought to our attention.

Lewis, M. J., Grimmett, H., Lipton, B., Walsh, S., Bickel, B., Elsom, S., … Walker, A. (2019). A tapestried review of the fully-virtual, non-traditional (un)conference “Making shiFT Happen: Female Academics Creating Personal and Professional alchemy in the Academy,” co-convened by Alison Black and Rachael Dwyer. Art/Research International4(2), 695-711. (Melinda Lewis, GLO Courses & Resources Lead, Indigenous Cultural Competency, Learning Academy, DLT).

Naidoo, K. (2019). Book Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Uploaded Resources for a Fully Online Course by Betty McDonald. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Retrieved from
https://cambridgescholarsblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/29/book-review-a-step-by-step-guide-for-using-uploaded-resources-for-a-fully-online-course-by-betty-mcdonald/ (Kogi Naidoo, Director Learning Academy, DLT).

Prebble, T., Hargraves, H., Leach, L., Naidoo, K., Suddaby, G., & Zepke, N. (2004). Impact of student support services and academic development programmes on student outcomes in undergraduate tertiary study: A synthesis of the research. Wellington: Ministry of Education. Retrieved from
http://www.educationcounts.edcentre.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0013/7321/ugradstudentoutcomes.pdf. This report published in 2004 has now received more than 4,300 views on Research Gate. (Kogi Naidoo, Director Learning Academy, DLT).