Glowing RED with Pride in our DLT Staff

The RED awards have been Recognising Excellence Daily at Charles Sturt University since April 2018. Congratulations to all our staff from the Division of Learning and Teaching staff who have received more than 100 awards as individuals or as members of teams since the launch of the RED awards.

These have included 30 recipients of 19 Achievement Awards, 35 recipients of 17 Values Awards for Insightful, Inclusive, Impactful or Inspiring, and 24 recipients of Thanks! eCards. Others have received recognition for Collaborating with Others, Day Maker, Getting Results, Leading Change, Student Centred and Taking Ownership. At least 67 staff have been recognised.

Division of Learning and Teaching staff also won Charles Sturt University Excellence Awards in the inaugural 2018 awards and in the 2019 30th Anniversary awards.

2018 – Deb Murdoch (Vibrant Communities Award).

2019 – Dawn Calvert (Strong University Award).

2019 – Jade Flynn, Barb Hill and Melinda Lewis (Strong University Award).

Contributed by Ellen McIntyre, Division of Learning and Teaching.