CC 4.0. Author: ESO/M. Kommesser

The Online Moderation System is set to be replaced by the Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) system which will be supported by a renewed process within the faculties and schools.

The first version of QUASAR (https://teach.csu.edu.au/quasar) has been released and was piloted by five schools in the 201890 session. The first version includes revamped questions, a data dashboard to show grade distributions after grade transfer and other key subject data. Feedback during training sessions has been positive.

There are still more features to come though and the software development is continuing. The pilot has therefore been extended for 201930 with six schools on board. The system will now go live in the 201960 session.

The QUASAR help site is also available for your reference (https://thinkspace.csu.edu.au/quasar/). If you have any questions on this please contact Deb Murdoch (dmurdoch@csu.edu.au) or Kerrilyn Toal (ktoal@csu.edu.au).

Contributed by Kerrilyn Toal, Division of Learning and Teaching.