DLT Publications and Presentations, May 2019

Division of Learning and Teaching staff regularly publish scholarly articles and present their work at seminars and conferences. We are pleased to acknowledge current works that are brought to our attention.

Clarke, D. & Winslade, M. (2019).  A school-university teacher education partnership: Reconceptualising reciprocity of learning. Journal of Learning & Teaching for Graduate Employability, 10(1), 138-156. (Deb Clarke, Senior Lecturer WorkPlace Learning, Learning Academy, DLT)

Croft-Piggin, L., Wilkinson, M., and Bourke, G. (2019). Tipping point? We passed the edge five minutes ago! A report from the front lines of implementing a large scale, high engagement model of online teaching and learning at CSU. Paper presented at the Nineteenth The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) Conference, Wollongong, Australia. Abstract retrieved from https://theta.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/THETA19-Handbook-FlipBook.pdf

Douse, M. and Uys, P. (2019) Education and Democracy in the Time of Digitisation, Journal of Education and Culture Studies, ISSN 2573-0401 (Print) ISSN 2573-041X (Online), Vol.3, No.2, 147-166; available at: www.scholink.org/ojs/index.php/jecs (Philip Uys, Director Learning Technologies Unit, DLT).

Douse, M. and Uys, P. (2019) The School Around the Corner in the Time of Digitisation, International Journal of Social Sciences and Management Review Volume: 02, Issue: 03, May-June 2019, available at: http://www.ijssmr.org/uploads/ijssmr02_36.pdf (Philip Uys, Director Learning Technologies Unit, DLT).

Wood, D., Auhl, G., & McCarthy, S. (2019). Connecting, collaborating, reviewing and transforming: designing curriculum into the future. Paper accepted for presentation at The Higher Education Technology Agenda conference, Wollongong, May 19-22 (Course Design Leads in DLT: Denise Wood, Greg Auhl, Sally McCarthy).