Do it once, do it well: Graduate Learning Outcomes in courses

Where do Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) fit in courses?  We often have conversations with subject convenors who are struggling to meaningfully fit 8, 10 or even 15 GLOs into a single subject. 

Many of our subjects do indeed have content for many GLOs.  But importantly, it is in the course design that we decide where a GLO is essential and when it is optional. 

Importantly, most of the GLOs do not need to be assessed many times in the course.  That means there can be a single core subject where we teach and assess a GLO.  In this case, we should do it well.

When a GLO is essential in the course design:  Do It Well

  • A subject learning outcome will align with the GLO.
  • An assessment item will measure attainment of the GLO.
  • An assessment criterion will be very similar to the GLO.
  • Teaching practices will support the learning that aligns to the GLO.

When a GLO is not essential:

  • Subject Convenors are free to recognise the contribution their subject makes to the overall learning outcome without providing the structure above.

When all of the GLOs are done well in the core subjects of a course, this will normally mean a small handful of GLOs in each subject.

Want to know more about the GLOs?  The GLO Support Site provides background information, suggestions for teaching and assessment, and directions for course and subject design.

Want to speak with a GLO Advisor?  Find them here

Contributed by Bruce Stenlake, Graduate Learning Outcomes Manager, Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching.