‘Our Students’ Strategy Outputs updated

The ‘Our Students’ Focus Area of the Charles Sturt University Strategy was reviewed in late July 2019 in order to streamline the activities and efforts undertaken across Outputs within the Strategy.

Output 2 (High Quality Learning & Teaching), Output 3 (Transformed Learning Experiences) and Output 4 (Market‐Oriented Courses, Services & Facilities) were revised. The purpose of the revisions included prioritising the Output activities, removing duplication across the three Outputs and moving business-as-usual activities to operational areas.

Output 2 and Output 3 are owned by the Division of Learning and Teaching Pro Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching. The following are the tangible deliverables expected by the end of 2022 under these Outputs:

Output 2 (High Quality Learning & Teaching)

  • Implement a consolidated Charles Sturt University Learning and Teaching (L&T) Framework that encompasses face-to-face, blended and online delivery modes.
  • Implement a Continuous Quality Improvement Framework that encompasses quality benchmarks and key performance indicators.
  • Review curriculum management software to identify opportunities to integrate systems and streamline processes.
  • Establish a formalised professional development scheme and network for Course Directors.

Output 3 (Transformed Learning Experiences)

  • ‘StudiFlex’: Devise and implement flexible study options for students.
  • Develop a micro-credential framework for ‘standalone’ and ‘stackable’ modules as pathways into courses.
  • University wide scale-up of subjects developed using the lessons learnt from the Transform Online (TOL) Proof of Concept evaluation.
  • Devise and implement co-curricular initiatives aligned to our preferred market segments and the Charles Sturt Learning & Teaching Framework.

We are currently developing high level plans for how we will support this work and I will send out further details as our staged approach is implemented.

Contributed by Professor Janelle Wheat, PVC Learning and Teaching, Division of Learning and Teaching.